The event aims to raise awareness of animal adoption, featuring puppies that viewers can actually adopt, and highlighting shelters and rescue groups across the U.S. And unlike the Big Game, every competitor winds up a winner: the event boasts a 100% adoption rate. The 2023 Puppy Bowl kicks off on Sunday with Team Ruff and Team Fluff set to show off their moves, and one team will take home the Lombarky trophy.

Is the Puppy Bowl a Thing?

For many animal rescue groups and shelters, Super Bowl Sunday is the highlight of their year – not for football, but for the other big game happening that day: Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl special. The annual televised event features dozens of puppies taking to a scaled-down football stadium and field.

Why Is It Called the Puppy Bowl?

The Puppy Bowl is an annual television program on Animal Planet that mimics an American football game similar to the Super Bowl, using puppies. Shown each year on Super Bowl Sunday, the show consists of footage of a batch of puppies at play inside a model stadium, with commentary on their actions.

What Are the Rules of Puppy Bowl?

The rules of the Puppy Bowl are super simple. Two teams, Team Ruff and Fluff, have to drag a chew toy into either end zone to score a puppy touchdown. Team Ruff will play in red and Team Fluff will play in blue. Between 12 and 15 puppies take the field simultaneously, with breaks after 20 minutes.

Where Do You Put a Puppy Bowl?

Dogs can be very messy eaters, spilling food all around the floor and even on the walls, so make sure there’s nothing near your dog’s eating area that can be damaged. We recommend putting his food bowl near his water bowl, which should always be there, cleaned often and filled with fresh water.

What Bowl Is Best for a Puppy?

Ceramic, stainless steel or melamine are widely regarded as the safest choices for dog bowls. They are eco-friendly, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Plastic bowls should be avoided at all costs; not only are they harmful to the environment, but they can be harmful to your dog too.

How Many Puppies Play in the Puppy Bowl?

Meet the 6 pups representing Iowa in this year’s ‘Puppy Bowl’ on Animal Planet. The biggest sports stars playing in a bowl on Super Bowl Sunday are not NFL players, they are puppies.

Does the Puppy Bowl Repeat?

“Puppy Bowl XVIII Presents: Inside the Bowl” at noon. “Puppy Bowl XVIII Pregame Show” from 1 to 2 p.m. The main event, “Puppy Bowl XVII,” running from 2 to 5. After that, it’ll repeat on a loop until 3 a.m. Monday.

What Do They Do In the Puppy Bowl?

The rules of the Puppy Bowl are simple: If a pup takes a toy into the opposing team’s end zone, it scores a touchdown. The team with the most points at the end wins. Team Ruff was led by French bulldog Moby, and Team Fluff was led by Dinozzo, a basset hound/Shih Tzu mix breed.

How Successful Is the Puppy Bowl?

But the real point is to get every player on the field adopted into forever homes while promoting shelter and foster pet awareness. For that, Puppy Bowl sports a perfect 19-0 record. This year’s program features 122 puppies from 67 shelters and rescue groups across the United States and Caribbean.

Do All the Puppies in the Puppy Bowl Get Adopted?

Animal Planet says every puppy and kitten ever featured on prior Puppy Bowls has found a home since the first show in 2005. The competition helps highlight rescue organizations across the United States and the Caribbean and connect adoptable pets with potential adopters.

Featured Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash 

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