Black Adam

Black Adam is a fictional supervillain/antihero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Otto Binder and C. C. Beck, the character is one of the archenemies of the superhero Captain Marvel and the nemesis of the Marvel Family. Black Adam first appeared as a one-time villain for the first issue of Fawcett ComicsThe Marvel Family comic book.

What God is Black Adam?

In The Marvel Family #1, Black Adam is an ancient Egyptian named Teth-Adam (i.e., “Mighty Human”), who is chosen by the wizard Shazam to be his successor due to his presumed moral purity. This story is reprinted in DC’s Shazam! #8 (1973), which is his first appearance in the Bronze Age.

Is Black Adam a villain or anti-hero?

The character first appeared in DC comic books in the 1940s, initially as a power-hungry villain before gradually evolving into an anti-hero by the 2000s. According to the description given by DC Comics, “Black Adam is an ancient wielder of magic, both a hero and a villain over his thousands-years-long life.

Is Black Adam more powerful than Superman?

Ultimately, there is no definitive proof that Black Adam is stronger than Superman or vice versa, but their (hopefully) eventual meet-up in the DCEU will no doubt attempt to answer that question, even if that answer is a stalemate, as has been the case in the comics.

Who is more powerful Black Adam or Shazam?

However, Shazam has always been stronger than Adam. Part of that is because he’s the Wizard’s current champion. Shazam receives a greater share of the Wizard’s power, but Shazam has long proven himself to be second in strength to very few.

Who can defeat Black Adam?

In the comics, Black Adam is a magical being often clashing with Shazam. In animated films and comics, Shazam has often teamed up with Superman to beat Black Adam. Given that Superman had a cameo in the first Shazam (2019), many fans want the three characters to meet in live-action films too.

What is Black Adam’s weakness?

Black Adam’s primary weaknesses are magic, thunderbolts, and his alter-ego. As said above, Black Adam’s thunderbolt makes him immune to some magic, but not all of it. Black Adam could potentially be taken out by the most powerful of magic.

Why is Black Adam so strong?

Like Shazam, Black Adam’s powers originated from the wizards of the Rock of Eternity. However, after being sealed away in ancient Kahndaq for abusing his powers, Black Adam was reawakened with a new source of power: six Egyptian gods, rather than the six gods and heroes who power Shazam.

Who would win Thor or Black Adam?

However, in the end, Thor has a slight edge over Black Adam. Despite having the mind of a ruler, Black Adam faces constant defeat against children. Thor, on the other hand, usually triumphs over the mightiest of his enemies. Black Adam would likely be just another name under Thor’s list of victories.

Is Superman in Black Adam?

Black Adam director Jaume Collet-Serra also confirmed that neither Superman nor Shazam would be appearing in Black Adam. “Our movie is an original story. By the time the movie ends, he doesn’t know who Shazam or Superman is,” Collet-Serra told Deadline.

What happens when Black Adam says Shazam?

When Teth-Adam spoke the name “Shazam,” instead of gaining the wizard’s powers, he was blessed with the power of six Egyptian gods: Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen. Thus, though Adam speaks the name “Shazam,” he does not draw power from the wizard.

Did Black Adam get his powers from Shazam?

Black Adam first appeared in 1945 and was created by Otto Binder and the creator of all things Shazam C. C. Beck. In his first story, Adam was established as an ancient pharaoh and the first mortal to be granted the powers of Shazam.

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