It is not difficult to qualify for an ESA letter. If you are not currently seeing an LMHP, you can still qualify for an ESA letter, either in person or online. You will speak to a licensed doctor via secure video chat or in person, who will determine what condition you suffer from and if it would be helped by an ESA. The ESA letter states that you have a mental condition that qualifies for an Emotional Support Animal prescription.

What Is in the Letter for Emotional Support Animal?

The letter should provide sufficient details about the individual’s disability and the animal that is providing emotional support. The letter should include the individual’s name, age, and contact information. It should also include the mental health diagnosis and the type of emotional support animal

What Does a Real ESA Letter Look Like?

For starters, a valid ESA letter will be written on official letterhead paper from your doctor or licensed mental healthcare provider. It should also contain the following: your doctor’s or licensed mental healthcare provider’s license number. a signature from your doctor or licensed mental healthcare provider.

How Long Does an ESA Letter Last?

The details may vary somewhat from one state to the other, but your ESA letter gives you and your ESA legal protection for exactly one year. If you have a legitimate ESA letter, that means that you are receiving treatment from a LMHP, and that they can renew your prescription before it expires.

How Much Does Pettable ESA Cost?

The cost of an ESA Letter primarily comprises the fee for the Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP) consultation and ranges from $150 to $200 or more. This consultation involves a thorough assessment of your mental health condition and determines your need for an emotional support animal.

Is ESA letter Worth It?

If you don’t talk to licensed health professional, you are being sold an unenforceable document that will not get your pet into your chosen accommodation for free. Over the past few months, we have reviewed dozens of websites touting cheap ESA doctor’s letters, and nearly all are scams.

Does Support Pets ESA Letter Work?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to show others that you are dealing with mental illness, but an ESA letter shows that a licensed professional acknowledges your condition and your need for a support animal. Most people get ESA letters for housing purposes, but there are other benefits, too.

How Can an ESA Help With Anxiety?

ESAs can offer a sense of companionship, which can help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation. This is especially important for individuals who live alone or have limited social support. ESA can also provide a sense of purpose and security.

Can I Get a Letter From My Doctor?

The GP will write what they know, supported by your medical record. Both the letter and the opinion they produce is final and you cannot request changes to be made. The GP has the right to refuse your request or provide alternative wording if they feel it is necessary.

Do You Really Need an ESA Letter?

For a person to legally have an emotional support animal (ESA), the owner must be considered to have a qualifying mental health or psychiatric disability by a licensed mental health professional (e.g., therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.) which is documented by a properly formatted prescription letter.

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