After a few years of incredibly shrunken bags, the handbag tide is turning for spring 2023, with the return of the supersized bag. Traditional styles such as totes, hobos, clutches and messengers were augmented to larger-than-life sizes, ensuring once again their leading role in this season’s fashion story.

Are Bigger Bags Making a Comeback?

The best place to buy big designer bags on a MASSIVE discount is the second hand market!! They are selling for less than every before! I strongly believe that big bags are starting to make a big comeback, we already started seeing the trend at the end of 2021, and in 2022 I’ve seeing it more and more.

Are Big Bags in 2022?

Season after season, we’ve been seeing new takes on the big-bag trend. For fall, it will be all about XXL totes. While the bags are big as the name implies, they aren’t comically large like we’ve seen in past years. Plus, they’re sleek and designed in neutral shades, making them the ultimate everyday bag.

What Will Be Trendy in 2023?

“For 2023, expect a year filled with lace, tulle and ruffles as people ditch loungewear. Anticipate dystopian streetwear taking inspiration from dark cinematic fantasies. Also prepare to see slip dresses, tube dresses and cargo pants back in as ‘Romcom Core’ will also take hold.

Which Bags Are Worth Investing In?

Investing in what we like to call the holy trinity of luxury handbags—Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès—is a no-brainer when looking at the resale value. The fashion crowd has also put designers like Chloé, Céline, Gucci, and Loewe on the It-bag fashion map with styles that have become classics in their own right.

Are Coach Bags Still in Style 2022?

I have a feeling the Pillow Tabby will be out by 2022, but Coach bags and the general Tabby silhouette will very much still be a thing. This version reads much more timeless and practical, without sacrificing that same on-trend look.

What Type of Bag Goes With Everything?

Nude colors go with every color. You can pair a nude color handbag with an all-black, all-white, or metallic color outfit. They go with everything.

Is Coach out of Style?

Coach is back and ready to dominate the handbag industry. The famous leather handbag brand fell out of style as the trends of the early 2000s began to die, but now that there is a revival of Y2K fashion, Coach has completely rebranded itself to fit into the wants and needs of 2021 fashion.

What Bag Is Comparable to Louis Vuitton?

What’s comparable to Louis Vuitton? Comparable brands to Loius Vuitton include Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Saint Laurent, and D&G. Because Louis Vuitton is a luxury designer brand, there aren’t many brands that are comparable outside of the designer realm.

Which Luxury Bags Are an Investment?

Sellier Knightsbridge’s Hanushka Toni reveals the exclusivity and quality of French fashion houses Hermès and Chanel garner the highest return on investment with some bags earning double or triple their retail value. She also suggests shopping within two key categories: one-of-a-kind releases or timeless neutrals.

What Bags Does Kate Middleton Use?

Two perfectly-formed Alexander McQueen bags sit at the petite end of Kate’s feminine bag collection. The black leather and raffia styles are variations on the brand’s micro Wicca satchels, and – like her bottle-green Manu Atelier model – make for chic day-to-night accessories owing to their compactness.

Featured Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash 

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